Adventures on Modur Island

Session One: Character Building and You

Two months following the departure of the nefarious wizard Zartax, with the halls of the Adventurer’s Guild still mostly empty, Our Heroes decide to take matters into their own hands. They gather up the newest looking posts on the cork board outside the Guild’s entrance and head over to the Twin River Tavern, to look over the posts and figure out their plan of action. The nine postings read:


“please help! i need a group of adventurers to escort me to the eisun plains, which have been infested with strange runes made entirely of ice and have destroyed all of my brother axla’s crops! please help him or else he will go broke and hungry!
-dixa valenthroth, 5 brook court”

[written in shaky hand:] "Dear Adventurer’s Guild,

I am currently seeking one to five persons to travel to the Sea of Pera and slay the Leviathan, as I currently require its enormous eyes to finalize a spell I am preparing. I assure you that I am not a witch. All interested parties may find my home one mile north of Fallsword, amongst a copse of pear trees. Each of you will be given a bushel of pears as a reward for killing the incredibly dangerous Leviathan (or gold, if you prefer that over delicious, ripe pears).

Sentie van Ork (not a witch)"

[written entirely in dwarven ruins, which Hazmat translates for the group:] “DWOINARV NEED MEN TO KEEP VAMPIRES AWAY. FIND ME.”

“Interested adventurers please contact Sabel Mesav regarding particular societal intrigues within the city of Fallsword. Handsome reward, lots of exposure. 13 Cordwood Rd.” [and then Sabel’s fancy signature]

“Khuda Dunwall here, of Dunwall’s Arms and Armor, requesting a party of men and women with less-altruistic natures to accompany me in assisting in the relocation of particular goods from a certain series of moving boxes owned by a particular piece of filth. Will be more specific in person. NO PALADINS.”

[under khuda’s note, written quickly:] “I KNOW YOU’RE TRYING TO STEAL MY GOODS, YOU DUNG MONSTER.”

[then, under that:] “I, Ridget Corasan, famous halfling swashbuckler extraordinaire, am looking for a group of adventurers who would be willing to guard a caravan of goods from Renwan’s Exotic Supply Store, heading north to the elven village of Nionimrion. This is absolutely the exact caravan Khuda Dunwall intends to steal from, make no mistake, so at least you’re guaranteed action and excitement! Please note that if you join us you must sign a magically binding contract with your own blood to ensure that if you steal from the caravan, your soul will be ripped apart by winged demons from the Abyss. Serious inquiries only!”

[written in practically chicken scratch:] “hi my nam is Fele & I need a groop of waryors to mov a big majik table to Laley. Hav monee, will pay lots. 4 Falling St. $$$”

“You may think you have seen all that the island nation of Modur has to offer, but I, sorceress Wena Tey, have found something completely unknown to Modurians: the Desolation of Atterkar! A blackened ruin nestled deep in the hills north of Fallsword, Atterkar Keep was once home to the powerful barbarian-turned-fighter Atterkar Yeri, before he succumbed to strange, dark forces deep underneath his own home. It is said that he still haunts the darkest depths of his stronghold! Who will venture into these heretofore unexplored ruins with me to find out? Only a modest 5 gold deposit will get you a spot in our Dungeoneering Club’s latest Adventure!” [in fine print:] “Note: The Dungeoneering Club does not promise that Atterkar actually still haunts Atterkar’s Keep. Gold is non-refundable.”

After reading the notes, the group decides to find Sabel Mesav, as her listing presumably allows them to remain within Fallsword, and also it’s the only one that really says that they will get paid. So they head toward 13 Cordwood Rd, where they encounter Sabel’s castle, in a more upscale section of the Eastern Ward, strangely situated right in the middle of wooden houses and shops.

Sabel is an old fighter and former adventurer, and so Shah-sin ducks away into an alleyway to disguise himself as a fellow warrior. In the alley, however, he runs into a beggar and tries, unsuccessfully, to convince said beggar that someone “tripped” out on the street and dropped a bunch of money on the ground. Seeing that the beggar is unfazed by his bluff, Shah-sin exits the alley, half-changed, and ducks into another alleyway, this one empty, to complete his disguise.

Meanwhile, Hazmat just knocks on the door. An old gnome butler answers, and Hazmat let him know that they are from the Guild and that they are responding to Sabel’s note. The gnome then closes the door and takes forever to raise the portcullis. Once finished, he opens the door and ushers them into the foyer, which is surprisingly empty. A staircase goes up and branches off, like a T, and there are various doors to other rooms, but no tables, chairs, or even paintings in the foyer. The gnome hustles upstairs to get Sabel, and Our Heroes find themselves waiting yet again.


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