Dunswin Principality

Dunswin was incorporated as a principality after the Five Years War, and was the first portion of Modur to be annex by the Moduran Monarchy. Despite being over half hot, arid desert, Dunswin’s southern mountains have the highest concentration of diverse metal ores in the kingdom. It is also the closest connection between Modur and the land of Dorian, and thus has become the seat of commerce within the island.

Dunswin was named after Arton Dunswin, one of the generals who pushed back the elven onslaught in MR287.

Dunswin’s capital is Fallsword, and its current ruler is Viceroy Gherson, a human and placeholder until Princess Juliette is of age to rule on her own.

Other notable cities include Balzendurg, the largest dwarven city in Modur; Korteria, generally the first city new ships sail into; River City, the northernmost city in Dunswin; and Jhavalat, the westernmost city and the only major city in the Alzeker Desert

Dunswin Principality

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