The city in which Our Heroes story begins.

It has a population of 12,000 and is one of, if not the, city for mass-produced weapons and armor for the Moduran Monarchy. It is one of the few cities in Modur that actually has a large population of dwarves, who make up roughly 10% of the city’s population, and who have also helped develop the southern Dorstan Mines, which have quickly become famous for their metal ores.

Fallsword is also one of three cities in the entire island nation which has an Adventurer’s Guild. Their Guild is arguably the worst, but it’s also very cheap, which is why Our Heroes have joined it.

Currently, Fallsword has a giant Hole smack in the middle of the Industrial Ward, put there by the evil wizard Zartax. The hole is on fire, and no amount of water thus far has been able to douse it. Occasional creatures from the Underdark also manage to slither their way up and make trouble around the city.

Fallsword’s mayor is human Liana Tallmadge. Its Bishop is (Dorian) elf Ashka Valforthrian. Its Captain of the Guard is human Lazon Felter.


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