Modur (moh-DOOR) is the island nation on which Our Heroes live, currently. It is a small island, roughly the size of Ireland, and it is located on the planet in a position comparable to that of southern Spain (close to 30° north). It is about two month’s sailing west of the continent of Dorian, precariously close to the Cororis Sea, which is infamous for stagnant winds, leaving ships without the power to sail free from its grasp. Thus, many ships who sailed in this direction have not been able to reach the island.

Modur was found and settled fairly recently, with only roughly 300 years of development. It has a relatively diverse climate, with desert sand dunes to the south, plains and grasslands in the center, and forests and rainforests to the north. Summers are hot and dry, and winters are cool and wet. Very, very rarely does it snow.

Modur has a population of around 1 million. Of that million, roughly 35% is indigenous elven peoples who live in the forests to the north. Since its discovery, the settlers of Modur have been in and out of wars with these indigenous tribes; only recently has a truce been signed between the elven queens and the Moduran Monarchy, and it is a shaky truce at best.

The rest of the population is primarily human, elven, and half-elven. Dwarves have largely refused to travel to the island, citing the long and wary passage across water. The other races are equally counted but very uncommon.

The chief export of the island is ore, of which the Dorst Mountains are rich — every type of metal known to man has been found in those mines. In the last 10 years, an enormous vein of mithral has been found in the central part of the mountain range, which has caused the previously mentioned dwarven tribes to reconsider their fear of water; instead, they have been sailing to the island in droves, and within the next five years should be a prominent race within the government.

Speaking of, Modur’s government is ruled primarily by a king and queen, and secondarily by a parliamentary government. The island is split into four principalities — Cadwell, Dunswin, Rosewen, and the Modur Kingdom — and one territory known as the Elven Territories. Following the Five Years War, the elves were given land to call their own; the western elves, however, had formed an alliance of sorts with the Modurans, and decided to become a part of the Modur Kingdom. Again, think Ireland and Northern Ireland (except flipped, in this regard).

The Modur Kingdom is governed by the king and queen, and the other principalities are governed, as you might expect, by princes or princesses, or stewards if there aren’t enough princes or princesses.


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